Trello User Agreement

B. Any receipt or use of power-ups by third parties (and the use of your data by third parties) is subject to the terms and directives of that third party or to any other applicable agreement you have with those third parties (including all applicable usage restrictions). Third-party power-ups are not cloud products and are also “third-party products or services” within the meaning of Section 6.1 of the agreement. The use of Trello Power-Ups is subject to the same conditions as for products without charge of Section 14 of the agreement, without limiting the possibility of Trello Power-Ups in the future. Trello or the third-party provider of a Power-Up can at any time update, modify or delete the Power-Up at its own discretion. Trello makes no promises or guarantees about the future availability or functionality of power-ups. 2. Storage rules. Cloud Bitbucket documentation sets pre-defined storage limits for your data in Bitbucket Cloud. We impose these settings to ensure that you do not use Bitbucket Cloud in a way that consumes a disproportionate amount of system resources (CPU, memory, storage space, bandwidth, etc.) or that would have a negative impact on the performance or operation of Bitbucket Cloud for other Bitbucket Cloud users. As Bitbucket Cloud should be used as a source code repository, we reserve the right to remove other content (for example. B music or video), especially when content consumes a disproportionate amount of space.

Please note that since we do not have access to your repositories, any removal of your data, in accordance with Section 5.5 (Distances and Suspension) of the Contract, means the removal of the entire repository in which the insulting data is located, not just the insulting parts. When using the software in which such an assignment is provided as an integral part of the product, you must insert the following assignment on all user interfaces in the following format: “Powered by Adaptavist,” which must in any case contain a hyperlink to and must be provided in the same format as in the software. I have other questions. Where am I going? We`ll be happy to help. We have provided here a summary of the major changes. You can also visit to get in touch with our friendly support team. (e) to upload, post or somehow transmit a user`s content that you cannot pass on under a law or contractual or fiduciary relationships (for example. B, inside information, protected and confidential information learned or disclosed in the context of employment relationships or in the context of confidentiality agreements); 4.

Account activity. We may make boards of directors “private” if we reasonably believe that the content of these boards violates our Terms of Use in order to correct the circumstances described in Section 5.5 of the Agreement or in any other way, in accordance with our guidelines, in addition to our rights to delete your data and suspend access to Trello in accordance with the Agreement.

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