Wifi Use Agreement

This agreement defines the conditions under which you, a customer, a seller, a board member or employees of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences (“The Academy”) will be offered free Wireless Internet access (“the service”). They are about to access the Internet via the Texas A-M Wireless Internet Access Node (the “service”) The purpose of the service is to provide Texas visitors with free wireless Internet access. You can only use the service if you agree to the terms of use below for any access to the Service. Your access to the service is entirely at the discretion of the Academy. Access to the Service may be blocked, suspended or interrupted at any time for any reason, including, but not limited to, the violation of this Agreement, acts that may lead to the Academy`s liability, disruption of access to other users or other networks, and violation of applicable laws or regulations. The Academy reserves the right to monitor and collect information while you are linked to the service and the information collected may be used at the discretion of the Academy, including disclosure of information to law enforcement agencies, Academy partners and/or Academy providers. THE SERVICE UTILISATION OF THE SERVICE FOR THE ACTIVITY IS PROHIBITIF: spamming and invasion of the privacy of others, violation of the Intellectual Property Act, transfer of obscene or indecent speech or material, transmission of defamatory or abusive language, hacking or dissemination of internet viruses, worms, trojans or other destructive activities. You acknowledge (i) that the service may not be uninterrupted or error-free; (ii) that viruses or other harmful applications may be available through the service; (iii) that Texas A-M does not guarantee the security of the service and that unauthorized third parties can access your computer or files or monitor their connection by other means. In agreeing to the terms of use, I confirm that I accept these terms and conditions as the basis for my use of the wireless Internet access provided. Their use of the Service and all online activities through the Service are not contrary to applicable legislation or regulations or the rights of Texas A-M or third parties. Texas A-M assumes no responsibility for injuries or losses resulting from inaccurate, inappropriate, offensive or illegal internet communications. Accordingly, you agree that the owner and/or provider of this network is NOT responsible for the interception or transfer of computer worms or viruses, data loss, file damage, hacking or corruption of your computer or any other device resulting from the transmission or download of information or material via the Internet service provided.

The following examples are only representative examples and do not contain an exhaustive list of illegal uses: The service is a free public service of Texas A-M.

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