Yarra Trams Enterprise Agreement

A “no” to the proposed agreement must be the starting point for a political and industrial counter-offensive involving all workers from Yarra Trams, Metro Trains and V/Line in the fight against the privatisation of public transport and for decent wages and conditions for all workers. This requires that the RTBU be removed from the hands of the fight and that new rank and file committees be set up in each depot and position. The announcement of last Friday`s sales is the result of these discussions. The union called for “significant improvements” in conditions based on various issues such as medical examinations, disciplinary advice and working boards. The devil may be in the detail of these issues, but only a two-page summary of the agreement presented in principle by the RTBU is available to the public. Tram drivers must demand access to the full agreement and the appropriate time for a joint discussion before proceeding with a vote. We believe that the threats of trade union action are not necessary and we continue to work for a fair and balanced agreement and the tram movement, so that the citizens of the Community can continue their lives as normal. “RTBU management will now recommend to its tram steering committee that it accepts contract leaders.” The union has been fighting for a new EBA for nearly eight months. The old contract expired in 2015. Transport Minister Melissa Horne welcomed the agreement. Credit: Paul Jeffers Under the “Protection” subheading, the union stated that “Yarra Trams has no intention of increasing the cap in the EA by 10 per cent after the EA.” This promise is not worth the paper it is on – when the management of the company has not made an oral statement for this purpose.

There is no doubt that, in the next round of negotiations on the employment contract, even greater calls will be made for workers` negligence. We recognize the constructive role played by the Victorian government in facilitating this agreement between the parties. Yarra Trams said there would be no attempt to increase the increase further in the next enterprise agreement, while part-time workers were provided with a minimum of 23 hours of work per week, fixed rollover tables and overtime payments, according to the union. Yarra Trams is pleased to have negotiated with the Railway, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) an agreement in principle for employees that puts an end to recent trade union actions. In the coming days, Yarra Trams will provide passengers with detailed updates on certain service changes so they can plan their trip. We recommend that passengers follow us on Twitter, @yarratrams visit our website yarratrams.com.au and search for information available throughout the tram network. The agreement, which includes tram drivers, after-sales staff, mandated staff and other operational officers, is the result of complex negotiations between Yarra Trams and RTBU.

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